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What band of council tax is my house

what band of council tax is my house

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Council tax bands and rateable values

The Valuation Office Agency (not the council) allocates a valuation band to every home or a rateable value to every business or non-domestic property. The council uses the banding or the rateable value to work out your bill. Your band or rateable value is shown on your bill.

Over 320,000В

[2] Checking your band

The band of your property will be shown onВ your council tax bill.В You can also view it online using the 'my account' facility.

You may check the band attached to any property via the council tax valuationВ list.В The council tax valuation list contains the banding for all homes and can be viewed on the Valuation Office Agency's websiteВ В (opens new window). You may also contact us .

[3] Enquiring about your council tax band

Please contact: Council Tax South, Valuation Office Agency, 1 Francis Grove, Wimbledon, London, SW19

4DT, call 03000 501501, emailВ .

Business rates

The rateable value of a non-domestic property broadly represents its annual open marketВ rental value at 1 April 2008 as per the revaluation, which cameВ into effect on 1 April 2010.В

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[1] Checking your rateable value

You can check the rateable value of your property in the rating lists on the Valuation Office Agency web siteВ You may also contact us .В В В В

[2] Enquiring about your rateable value

Please contact: Non-domestic Rates London, Valuation Office Agency, Chase House, 305 Chase Road, Southgate, London, N14 6LZ, В call 03000 501501 emailВ .

Properties in mixed use, known as composite properties, will have a rateable value to reflect their non-domestic part, and a band to reflect their domestic part. Composite properties are liable to pay both taxes, albeit on different parts, and so appear on both the valuation and rating lists for the borough.

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