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How did colonist protest against the British taxes?

how did colonists protest british taxes

They made intellectual protests, they give speeches and try to make their opinion be heard, they drafted resolution like the virginia resolutions, this created a surge in political activity.

They also made economical boycotts, they attacked the east indian tea distributer, and throw many packages of British tea from their ships to the sea.

They also made violent intimidations, by attacking guards like in the Boston massacre were a mob of colonist attacked with rocks some British guards, this guards opened fire and killed five men, that were Samuel Gray, Crispus Attucks, Patrick Carr, James Caldwell and Samuel Maverick. Later on people lived with a fear of being killed, because any one who support or talk of the parliament suffer a punishment or even death.

Imposed acts

Stamp act: colonist thought this was good, because by this british will lower costs, but it only was a tax for every printed paper, or any paper will have a tax to pay. Later on colonists fight against it.

The sugar act: molasses had a tax also, this is a syrup provided

by the sugar, this act was not new but now it was now, and had to be payed by every american colonists, this tax was suggested by George Grenville. Quartering act: it stated that every colonist had to support soldiers by giving them a place to sleep, and food to eat. Later on this tax become one of the coercive acts, or intolerable act, named like this by the colonists in 1765.

Soldiers take advantage

The quartering act of 1765 was a coercive act, were people had to give their house to a soldier, but soldiers since they were payed badly started taking some advantages. They already ate and live for free, but since they had a family to support they had to take the colonist jobs, like farming cause in the american colonist, farmers and merchants were rich. Soldiers had to salaries army, and the job they had the opportunity to get. The colonists were angry they were losing their jobs. From here they protest saying that is not fair taxation without representation, they wanted to chose what taxes to pay.

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