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How long does a tax refund deposit take to clear in bank?

how long does it take for tax refund check

How long does it take for the government to put your tax money in your bank in alberta


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It depends on the government agency because once you deposit the check in your bank account it will automatically there or u need to wait a once day process to withdraw your money.

A bank is holding my tax return. I opened an account today. They said my funds will not be available until the 23rd of this month. I thought that.

I was told by an H&R representative that having the preparation fee does not change the way my refund is delivered by the IRS. that the funds would be deposited into my account and then H&R would take the payment from there. But now I am learning differently. I was wondering if anyone knew about how long I should expect to wait for my refund.


It will depend on the time that your IRS refund is set in its pending status and

also you will need to contact your bank in order to get the information specifically related to your account. When you contact chase you will be able to get the information in regards to when your refund will be deposited.


I cant quite figure out when i will receive my refund i have a child to take care of and bills to pay i wish that they would at least just give me a date of the around about date of when i will receive it.


Checks made by the US Treasury. as IRS checks are, represent immediately payable funds. BUT if you deposit if after 2 pm, and want it to just be shown in your bank account. that deposit won`t usually show up until the next day.


You should be able to CASH any refund check of small amount. If they make you deposit it due to SIZE of the refund. some banks have 3, 7, 10 day holds…depending on the dollar amount.

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