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Sole Trader - What exactly can i claim tax wise?

what can i claim back on tax

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I've recently become a sole trader (graphic designer) and although i do have an accountant i'd just like to try and get it straight in my head as to exactly what i can and can't claim for tex wise, as i'd like to make sure everything is correct.

I've done lots of research but seem to come across different opinions with certain things. I've also looked through the very large section on the HMRC site but its still isnt clear in my case!

My work enables me to mostly work on site at clients offices, however i also sometimes work from home. The small office is used purely for my work and nothing else.

So firstly am i right in saying i can

claim for a Percentage of electricity, gas etc. ive also read somewhere that you can do that with the council tax (only percentage). I have also read you can do it with mortgage interest, but my accountant has warned me not to start to do that?!

Secondly car. my car is paid for fully (old x reg), i understand that being a sole trader i can claim the travelling ie petrol expenses and not mileage. also with regards to maintenance road tax, tyres etc. can i claim a percentage of this?

If anyone could help me with with exactly what i can and cant claim for i would really be very grateful, as although there are lots of places to go for advice, there seems to be differing opinions about which can be confusing!

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