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What can teachers claim on tax

Answering Machine - if circumstances warrant

Bank Charges - but only costs on depositing wages and paying work related accounts

compulsory uniform

corporate wardrobe (registered)

protective (safety boots, overalls, aprons etc)

Cleaning - of above clothing

Computers *

Computer Software *


Electronic Organisers *

Hire/Lease - of work related equipment

Office Furniture *

Pagers - if circumstances warrant

Parking & Tolls - when on work related activities


Professional Dues & Registrations

Repairs - of work related equipment


Stopwatch - must be a dedicated stopwatch - normal watches are not claimable

Sun Protection - work related % of total costs


Education - only courses related to "at the time" occupation are claimable. Travel costs are allowable.

Teaching Aids, Cooking Supplies, Art & Craft, Films & Cassettes, Activity Materials etc.

Technical Publications

Telephone - work related call costs, also 1/2 rent when "on call"

Typewriters *

Union Fees - but not special levies

Travel - between schools, official functions, conferences, work experience, sports meetings, excursions etc.

(but not to own school even if required to attend more than once per day or on holidays)

* If cost exceeds $300 for any item or set, the cost is not claimable outright but is allowed over its expected life. This is known as "depreciation" or "decline in value".

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