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What car repairs should cost

what car repairs should cost


Well, most labor rates for high end German cars will always towers the skies. Most BMW dealers charge at least $95-$100 dollars per hour. But get this, Mercedes Benz dealers here in Tampa, FL charge about $112 per hour. Not including parts.

Most of ther BMW dealers here charge about $100 per hour. There are really no tune-ups for these cars. There are services called Inspection Services. They come at 10.000 mile intervals.

Well it basically is a tune up..But if you go to a BMW dealer and say "I want a tune up" They look at you funny.

Upon each inspection, certain parts are replaced like cabin filters, fluids, spark plugs, oil and filter, or fuel filters, but nothing major unless it is seen in the inspection. So lets just say you bring your car in for a 60K service. the Technican replaces all

parts the manufacturer suggests at that mileage. Then the tech will visually check the car over. what will he check? mostly everything. From bumper to bumper that he/she can see visually. Then a scan of the car's ECU is made to scan for Diagnostic codes. Jus because the check engine light is not on does not mean that the ECU has no Trouble codes. This is called checking for Pending codes. All this takes a while. Usually about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Figure that with the labor rate plus parts and tax and you'll get a figure of around $500-600 bux.

There are private shops with all the latest in tools and equipment to repair a BMW. You do not have to go to the dealer. If you have one, find a good BMW private shop who can repair the car for cheaper.

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