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Color tips: should I dye my hair red?

So, you are thinking about dying your hair red. Red hair is so cool! Whether you are thinking about soft light auburn like Emma Stone. or more of a bold intense red, such as Rihanna, red is beautiful!

How do you know if red hair is right for you?

Do you love to get noticed? Do you live for that moment when you walk into a room and every eye is on you? In this case, deep down, you may be crying out to become a redhead! Should I dye my hair red? – is not a question for you. Instead, it is an answer. But, before you get dyed, we have a few things to clear up about your future red tone.

“How do I make the change to red from blonde hair?”

Are you thinking about making the switch, going light red or blonde red, and your hair is naturally blonde? We have a few things to think about. Do you have the lightest blonde, or have you dyed your hair platinum, and want to look natural? Using a bright intense red will end up a very unnatural bright pinkish red. Red hair needs at least a little bit of a brown base, like what is found in dirty blonde, or light brunette hair. If you don’t have that already in your hair, you will end up with a bold color. There is a time in my life when you want intense reds like that, and you will love it. But when you are in school or at work, you can’t stand out quite so much. Try light auburn, medium auburn, copper blonde, or red blonde.

Avoid dyes such as intense, bold, or very red. Clairol Nice’N Easy is a great brand for soft auburn and red blonde results.

“I have black hair, will the red dye show up?”

A few girls with black hair have a hard time getting red to even show up on their hair. You are the girls who need to use all of the colors we just warned the blondes about. Intense, bold, or very red are the actual colors that you will want to use. In my opinion, if your hair is black or a really dark brown, choosing a shade of red that is about four shades lighter is the most beautiful. Every person with dark hair has shades of red hiding underneath. You will have the best luck with keeping the red from fading than anyone else.

Deep red and burgundy are also beautiful on girls with dark hair. If your hair is dyed a dark color, you will have a really hard time getting any other color to show up. There are color removers that you can buy. You should use a lightener before using another hair color. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color is a great brand for lifting up to four shades with beautiful results.

“What do I do with my brown hair?”

Brunettes have the best luck finding shades that look great. You can choose anything from the lightest red blonde, to the darkest plumb. Like black hair, you also have red underneath that you can access. Chose reds that are one to two shades lighter than your natural color. This will bring out your natural red shade that you may not have even know was there. Unfortunately, natural brunettes will fade the fastest with red hair dye. If your hair is dyed brunette, then you will be able to go red, it just may not be as bright. Color remover is also an option for hair dyed

dark colors. Garnier Nutrisse, Revlon Colorsilk, and Clarol Nice and Easy are all great brands for brunettes.

“I dyed my hair blue, can I switch to red?”

Let’s go back to kindergarten for a moment… What do you get when you mix blue and red? Purple! You will get a purple tone when you dye your hair red. It may be a bit of a murky purple, though. If you want to get natural results, pick colors that have a brown base like red brown or medium to dark auburn. Blonde reds and light reds will achieve more of a purple look. If you want a true purple, choose punk red or pink. Punky Color brand will give you the best bright colors, and all of the other brands I mentioned in warm tones will give you the best natural shades.

“I know my tone, what shades should I choose?”

For a cool tone look for red dye with names like light, medium, or dark auburn. Also shades such as cherry, ruby, berry, burgundy, and plum produce beautiful cool reds. Warm toned girls will need to find red colors such as intense red, copper, honey and bronze. Neutral tones need more subdued reds: red brown, red blonde, or red highlights are great options. A natural tone that fits will boost your confidence, and make you feel gorgeous.

“What are the best brands to buy?”

There are many beautiful brands that carry these colors. There are a few that really stand out as the best for red hair. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color produces beautiful, fade-resistant reds. It is great when your natural color is dark brown or black, because it can lift your natural color up to four shades lighter. The Ultra Intense Red shade is great for warm tones. The best feature about Garnier Nutrisse, is the fact that it is full of conditioners. These keep your hair soft and silky.

For the most beautiful cool auburn or burgundy reds. Revlon ColorSilk is at the top of the list. Like Garnier, it also resists fading and includes conditioners that leave your hair feeling healthy and silky. Clarol Nice and Easy is also a favorite because it produces amazing reds in a short processing time. Nice’N Easy doesn’t have the bright reds that Garnier and Revlon have, so this is the best choice for the girl who has neutral tones. What I like is that it resists fading and is easy to apply.

“Will my hair fade?”

Unfortunately red hair dye always fades more than blonde, brunette, or black dye. That is why finding a brand that resists fading is so important. Luckily, there are ways to keep your red hair looking fresh and vibrant. For three days after you dye your hair, do not wash it. Actually go as long as you can, the longer the better! When you do wash your hair, use shampoo made for red hair. These shampoos have red tint in them so that each time you wash, you freshen your red. Still, each time you wash it, your hair is going to fade a little, so wash it as little as possible during the week. There is waterless shampoo available in powder or spray form, that you can use to stretch out washings, and hold on to that red.

Whether you are cool, warm, or neutral, you will be beautiful as a redhead. Now that you know how to choose your shade, I think you should try life as a redhead.

So, should you dye your hair red? I say, go for it!

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