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TurboTax 2014 release date, taxpayers can file 2013 taxes now

what date can i file taxes

You can file your 2013 tax return now


All taxpayers can now prepare and file their tax returns using Turbo Tax software, beginning on January 2, 2014 .

IRS has recently announced the start of the 2014 tax filing season at the end of January, 2014. It encourages all taxpayers to make use of e-file in order to make filing of tax returns and refunds easier.

Taxpayers who wish to get first in line and get their refunds as soon as possible can now begin filing their tax returns using Turbo Tax .

Filing tax returns and refunds using paper is very inconvenient and time consuming. This is why the IRS advises them to make use of e-filing with direct deposit if they would like to get their tax refund easier. The IRS will automatically process e-filed tax returns once it is sent to them by tax payers and then give them the results within a few days.


Tax is a widely used tax software by Intuit Inc. It has updated features for tax returns with all the recent tax law changes. This software can be downloaded on taxpayers’ iPad, iPhone, smartphones and even on their personal computer.

The IRS is also accepting and processing tax returns from individuals affected by the Alternative Minimum tax. This also includes individual tax payers who claim to have higher educational tuition, fees deduction local and state sales tax deduction ad well as educator expenses on the 31st.

Turbo Tax has reportedly helped millions of American taxpayers for the previous years. It continues to help taxpayers save time and effort filing their tax returns and get high tax refunds easier and faster.

With the use of e-file and direct deposit. filing tax returns is now made easier compared to paper filing. Using Turbo Tax, taxpayers can talk to IRS enrolled agents and certified public accountants as often as they like with regards to preparing their tax return.

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