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What determines the property tax amount?

what determines property tax

The cost of local government determines how much property tax will be levied. These costs include operating costs of schools; city and county government; and other taxing districts such as county, county roads, library, hospital, fire and sewer districts.   All property taxes fund local government.

Regular taxing districts  submit requests to the Assessor who ensures that the lawful limits for the levies have not been exceeded.  If they are, the Assessor will select the the appropriate levy amount by applying the six levy constraints below:

  • The 1% constitutional limit
  • The statutory maximum rate for each district
  • The 1% limit on increases in levies
  • District

    resolutions to establish the levy amount

  • The amount of the budget/levy certification
  • The amount voted by taxpayers

A large portion of each property tax dollar goes to pay off bonds or special levies voted in by citizens for such capital costs as school buildings and other public projects.

In 2009, the portion of each tax bill that was “voter imposed ” ranged from 32% to 47% depending upon the districts in which your property is located.

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