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I filed my FAFSA wrong? What do I do now?

what do i do if i filed my taxes wrong

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I'd like to start off with that I'm a senior in high school planning on going to a 4 year university. So I first filed my FAFSA application on 1/22 and it was processed on 1/23. I was going to edit again once my parent's received their total income thingy through the mail. We finally gotten the mail, and we went to edit it today, 2/20 and resubmitted the FAFSA with the filed income tax return.

About last week I received a mail regarding Cal Grants and that I would receive, and it said that I was eligible for Both Cal Grant A and B, but they chose B for me because it would benefit me more in the long run. It said I would receive about $1500 for all the CSU's (California State University) I applied for. My friend said he would receive about $12k for going to UC's when

he checked his Cal Grants. I was wondering why there was such a huge difference in money.

Now I think I understand why. After I resubmitted the FAFSA form today, I checked through my application history to notice that I also filed my parent's tax income return under the STUDENT'S tax income return also. I called FAFSA and they told me I could edit it again after the information is processed in a couple of days, but it already says it's processed? But anyways, if I were to edit it again, I'm supposed to leave the "Student filed 2011 Income Tax Return?" question blank, correct?

I'm also worried if this would greatly affect how much money I would receive through financial aid because I put the wrong information from the start. And how would that whole Cal grant thing resolve?

I greatly appreciate any kind of help, thank you.

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