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what does a tax attorney make

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These types of attorneys help United States businesses and citizens to understand and to be able to accurately comply with today's byzantine federal and state government taxation systems. Tax attorneys are usually hired when a corporation, small business, or person is being audited by the IRS or a state government agency for failure to pay some kind of income tax. In these cases the tax lawyers work to get their clients' tax liens removed and their fines reduced or eliminated while attempting to reach some kind of reconciliation between the two parties.

The United States income tax code is "updated" (that is, as far as many people are concerned, deliberately made more confusing), and thus a good tax lawyer will have to be certain that he or she stays on top of things. Small

business owners, the self-employed, and families are those who are generally in the most need of the tax attorney's services. It is good to remember who you are serving if you get into this profession.

The United States tax code is, as just said, highly complex. Businesses and individuals will be looking for a tax attorney with a great reputation, and they will be asking people for recommendations, they will be reading reviews, and they may even check with the state bar association to see if you are someone who is experienced in their tax code needs. They are trying to get out of paying out a ton of money, so one of the last things they want to do is throw away money on a tax attorney who will be ineffective, let alone incompetent.

So, once again, this is a profession that is about respect for the law and wanting to help people with matters of tax law. This is not a profession that will likely ever be glorified in the movies or on television when law firms are shown. The kinds of dramatic arguments and presentations before juries aren't there. You need to be quietly competent and have a head for both the law and numbers.

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