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What does a tax examiner do

what does a tax examiner do

What are the various classifications of banks?

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Most bank examiners work for the federal government, state governments or financial institutions. Their job involves examining physical and electronic records and accounts, including balance sheets, loan documents and income and expense accounts. They use these records to determine the financial condition of financial institutions and ascertain their assets, liabilities and liquidity. Bank examiners also evaluate whether institutions' internal procedures are in line with relevant regulations and whether the staff understands and adheres to these procedures. In addition, they review the minutes of management meetings to gain insight into how institutions’ managers are performing.

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What is the difference between internal and external auditors?

Internal auditors work within an organization to help improve financial and non-financial operations, while external auditors examine financial statements to ensure the documentation meets generally accepted accounting guidelines and accurately represents the financial position of the organization. Internal auditor positions are set up voluntarily by companies, according to industry experts, Internal Auditor. External auditors are often brought in to conduct mandatory audit reports.

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