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What does "allocated" really mean.

what does allocated tips mean

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Thanks! I was afraid that would be the definition of "allocation." We were trying to be patient with the dealer (Charlie's in Augusta, Maine), but things just weren't adding up. After plopping down $500, we were initially told that a Model IV with Nav in Gray was NOT available in the region. So we selected White, Blue, & Red in that order, trying to expedite our purchase and advised that no Nav was not a deal-breaker.

Then, when we called back a day or so later to check progress, he slipped that they had a unsold model IV in Blue in stock. We advised that we would take it, even though it didn't have the Nav. The salesman was supposed to immediately call back with the exact price. He never called.

Then a day

or so later, he called with great news that a Gray Model IV had been "allocated" to the dealership. But, he had absolutely no clue as to what, when, where, etc. ---- he knew absolutely nothing about it, other than the magic word "allocation. When we inquired about the Blue that had been offered to us, he advised that. "Oh yeah, that one had been sold."

So ------ it appears as though we are being "jacked around." We cannot drive by the dealership everyday to see what they "got in." But, it sure appears that if they do get one, they sell it fast, before they advise people on their "bona-fide" waiting list.

Oh Well, now to decide what to do. My first inclination is call them, get a refund, and start all over.

Boy, do I hate the Car Dealer games.

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