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What Does a Tax Attorney Do?

what does tax attorney do

When you receive a threatening letter or phone call from the IRS or if an IRS agent stops by your home or business, what should you do?

The prudent response is to seek professional assistance. Your best representation will come from a firm that can offer you a team of seasoned and experienced professionals as opposed to a small one person practice. Hiring a one person practice could result in the “bottleneck” affect where your case is held up if that one person is on the phone, out of the office, or simply too busy for you. The IRS sets deadline dates and they expect to have work completed in a timely fashion. Failure to comply will result in aggressive collection action and property seizure.

At JG Tax Group we take a “TEAM” approach. For example if your IRS issue is with a levy or wage garnishment we assign our Emergency Response Team (ERT) to your case as we know that getting that levy lifted quickly is vital to your finances and ability to feed, clothe, and house yourself and others dependent on your income.

Having a panel or TEAM assigned to your case solves the bottleneck problem. In addition, a TEAM also allows each member to provide the specific services of his or her area of expertise. For each phase of your case (from tax preparation to financial analysis to negotiation), we have the personnel and experience required to reach the best possible resolution faster than any other company in the nation. Our structure is the most efficient and effective way to handle even the most severe IRS cases.

Here are some qualifications and experiences you should look for while choosing the best tax professionals to solve your IRS problem:

  • Professional Certification
  • IRS revenue agent and manager experience
  • Full service tax firm (tax preparation, bookkeeping, and tax problem resolution)
  • "A+" rating by the Better Business Bureau

Attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent

Attorneys, CPA's and Enrolled Agents can all represent you before the IRS. The IRS grants these tax professionals the same authority to represent you. They all have equal access to the IRS and can resolve your tax controversies. So why not choose a firm that can provide you with all three professionals and tailor a strategy according to your needs? Three heads are always better than one.

IRS Experience

IRS experience may be one of the most important qualifications you should look for when seeking representation. Although a tax professional may have years of experience dealing with IRS problems, are they getting the best results? The single most important qualification your tax professional should possess should be former IRS revenue agent or management experience. Tax professionals, with years of former IRS experience dealing with tax

controversies on a daily basis really know how the IRS thinks. They know the inter-workings of the IRS, the IRS procedures, and most importantly, how to communicate effectively with an IRS agent. Our former IRS tax professionals can get better resolutions because they can establish a good rapport with the IRS employee and "speak their language."

Full Service Tax Firm

Not all tax professionals operate full service tax firms. A full service tax firm will provide bookkeeping, tax preparation, tax planning, and tax resolution services. You may not know but the IRS will not resolve your tax issues for you, as they just want their money! If you have unfiled tax returns, this could be a problem for you. If you hire a tax attorney to represent you, you'll probably need to have someone else prepare your unfiled tax returns. Attorneys specialize in litigating legal issues and not in preparing tax returns. It then becomes your responsibility to make sure that both the attorney and tax preparer are aware of your unique circumstances, so that your tax returns and IRS defense are consistent. Having all your tax professionals housed under one roof, in one office working together, allows for superior, expedited results. JG Tax Group’s structure allows us to take on any IRS case you can throw at us.

Better Business Bureau Ratings

One of the ways you can check out the credentials and worthiness of a company is to review their Better Business Bureau rating. We are proud to say that we have earned the highest rating (A+ rating). You may have seen advertisements from some companies that claim they will settle your tax dispute for pennies on the dollar. Beware of these claims! We suggest that you save yourself time and money by reviewing the Better Business Bureau for those tax professionals that you're considering hiring as your representative. Keep in mind that the company you choose is your voice in front of the IRS. Credibility goes a great distance with the IRS so be sure to choose a firm wisely.

Is JG Tax Group the RIGHT FIRM for you?

JG Tax Group - a nationwide tax resolution firm - is comprised of a team of experienced professionals. Our team has over 120 years of combined IRS experience as Revenue Agents, Appeals Officers, Associate Chiefs, and Area Director of Appeals. Our team has resolved thousands of tax controversies. We've seen it all at the IRS and know how to get the quickest and best solution to your problem. For instance, we can get a wage garnishment released within 3-4 business days, once we've received your documentation.

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