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I have tried to efile my taxes and the IRS has the wrong birthday for me. What to you suggest I do?

what if i do my taxes wrong

This is truly an unfortunate circumstance, and one we've been dealing with for FAR too long.

My wife's birthday was transcoded incorrectly by a matter of 2 days on her original Social Security card. her father puts the horizontal line through his 7's (to try to distinguish it from a 2), but this was likely read incorrectly as a 9.

Back in 2013 when she filed her 2012 taxes (prior to our marriage), she paper-mailed them with success. As mentioned above the IRS only asks for the birthday when E-filing.

We married in August 2013, during which time we changed her name at Social Security and also brought in her birth certificate to correct their record of her birthday.

When Social Security changes a birthday in their system, it should "automatically push" through to the IRS. In theory this could take days, weeks, etc. but there's no way to

know how long it will take until it "completes". Both IRS and S.S. claim there is nothing they can do to manipulate this process.

I tried filing our 2013 taxes (a year ago, in 2014) and though it had been 4 months, IRS still had wrong birthday but S.S. had the correct one.

Now it's 2015 (filing 2014 taxes) and 16 months have passed, and IRS still has the wrong birthday. This has been one of the more frustrating things in our marriage for me, though of course we can't seem to do anything about it. The IRS people just say that they have to wait for the change to "push through". We have contemplated seeing if S.S. can re-push the change but who knows.

Really considering entering the "wrong" birthday for her to E-file like last year.

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