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What inheritance tax

what inheritance tax

Estate and Inheritance Tax

Maryland follows the federal income tax treatment for fiduciaries of trusts and estates. Under the federal income tax rules, generally, any income that is distributed by the fiduciary of the trust or estate during the tax year is not taxable to the trust or estate. Instead, that income is taxable to the beneficiary. Any income not distributed or partially distributed by the fiduciary of the trust or estate during the tax year is taxable. See the MET-1 Estate Tax Return or more information.

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    Visit the Filing Information section for all of the steps, instructions and tools to complete the task. There you will find everything you need to know about that 1099G you got in the mail, filing requirements, residency, filing status, exemptions, credits, deductions, checkoffs, filing deadlines, extensions, amendments, tax forms, electronic filing, and more. We can even prepare your return for free as long as your federal income tax return is already prepared.

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