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What irs form do i use

what irs form do i use


Best Answer: Bostonianinmo has it pretty nailed.

I would add that so long as you receive W-2's, it's easy. If you get a 1099 for the one job, you can just let it go, but you may want to consider a complaint against that employer. It is likely you are being cheated by the employer pretending you were not legally an employee and making you pay both halves of the social security taxes. I might add they almost certainly cheated you with unemployment and workers' comp then too. That all is, of course, if they 1099 you.

But if you meant that you never actually got paid by them, then they don't matter, this year. If you ever do receive the wages, they matter the year you receive them, not this year.

With the exception of complications like that, the 1040EZ vs. 1040A or 1040 question is really more about ease of filing vs. do you have any

deductions you think could noticeably reduce your tax. One year, you might want to fill out all three or at least the 1040 and compare for which gets the most back (or owes the least. ) and was it worth the effort?

For instance, this year the sales tax deduction will apply again. Nobody thinks much of it, but it has an interesting aspect if you bought something with a big sales tax on it like a car. Not only do you get the entire deduction anyone else in your state would get, but you also get to add in the entire sales tax you paid. So a deduction of, say, $250 might jump up to $1,250 when your car's sales tax is added in. That could seriously affect your refund any year you buy a car in, assuming the deduction is made permanent.

Easy is nice, more money back is nicer!


roynburton · 9 years ago

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