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What irs stands for

what irs stands for

Good point son of witless!

There are many here who consider themselves on either the Left or Right: Both consider the IRS an abomination.

Who here knows who the IRS collects taxes for?

IMO - Most good honest people want the same things for all; Fairness, and equity. We differ on how to make that happen.

What has to happen is for those on the Right and Left to discover how they are both being used by the PTB; the ones with the Money that George Carlin warned us of.

Both sides hate unfairness, and Corporatism.

I doubt good honest Liberals want pure Communism/leftist cronyism (the trick is to not submit to Communists, as happened in Russia. That is where the Big Money is behind.)

I doubt that good honest Conservatives want Corporatism/ Rightist cronyism (the trick was not to submit to fascist NeoCON cronyism. That is where the Big Money is behind.)


The Constitution was written to prevent that; but it no longer is the rule of the land. The Constitution has been subverted and covertly replaced. Our Republic has been turned into a Corporation, and not enough Americans have figured out Who has manipulated us into this abomination. It now takes over 100 billion to get the nomination for President in either party. The Big Money interests are laughing all the way to THEIR banks.(TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine ads. and etc.)

The Solution? Wake up, and then wake up others. Then vote in candidates that will go after The Federal Reserve slave masters. Go back to using Constitutional, United States notes, instead of what was foisted on America in 1913 ( the Fed Res notes with perpetual, unpayable interest tied to them.) It is now $18 Trillion, and going up a Trillion a year. We are being bankrupted, with the interest being paid to scoundrels.

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