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Where to sell used wheelchairs

How To Sell Used Wheelchairs

If you want to sell used wheelchairs, there are many possibilities. Due to the harsh state of economy, many people plan to buy second hand used wheelchairs, so there are increased chances to sell them.

You can call around your own town medical facilities or you can access different websites. The following instructions are very important if you want to sell your second hand wheelchairs as soon as possible:

1. Online websites are a practical solution to sell used wheelchairs very fast. You can sell them through various websites or eBay. You can do that through an auction or list at a set price. Keep in mind that your used wheelchair should have a realistic cost. You should also mention a guarantee to make the buyer trust you. If you have pictures, include them as well. There are also specialized sites, so list with them. Some of these websites also provide useful information on how to describe wheelchairs to sell them as soon as possible.

2. Look for medical companies as they usually

need both new and used equipments. Some companies buy and resell them to hospitals, pharmacies and other medical facilities. Or, sell used wheelchairs at pharmacies that provide equipment. In these cases, prices are usually higher. Find out the pharmacy’s consignment fee or if it requires an outright sale.

3. Post your selling announcement on local bulletin boards. Describe well the used wheelchair you want to sell and post the announcement in senior centers, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, stores and local community centers. Don’t forget to have permission from the proper source before posting.

4. Find newsletters, different publications and place your selling ad. There are publications which charge a fee, while others don’t. You should also look for rehabilitation and retirement centers newsletters and ad sections.

Therefore, you have many possibilities to easily sell used wheelchairs. Your announcement has to be as convincing as possible. Additionally, don’t forget to add some photos to make potential buyers trust you and see that you sell quality wheelchairs.

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