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Alternative Minimum Tax for 2015 – What Is It & Exemptions

Posted by Matt T. / February 19, 2015 Pay rise and new business is always good news and if you experienced any of the two, it may put you over certain dollar amount. That can subsequently lead to a payment of Alternative Minumum Tax. What is Alternative Minimum Tax? Alternative Minimum Tax or AMT was created to institute more fair tax system, one where everyone paid his or her fair share. At the time of its creation many people where using tax loopholes allowing them to pay zero taxes, all of that legally. Tax law provides numerous credits and deductions to reduce the overall tax liability but AMT sets a limit on those deductions.

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Acting Tips - How To Cry on Cue

"Do not apologize for crying. Without this emotion, we are only robots. " ― Elizabeth Gilbert We all begin this life as criers. Yet as actors, genuinely crying onstage or on camera seems like an insurmountable challenge. A big roadblock is our mindset, that has defined tears to be a sign of weakness. In a world that is increasingly desensitizing itself, holding back our emotions, blocking them out or worse, burying them, has become the normal thing to do. Over time, expressing raw emotions through crying becomes a very private affair, as most of us, do not want to expose our vulnerability.

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