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Why tax refund

Why Your Tax Refund May Be Slower (or Never Arrive) This Year Credit. com Wednesday, January 14, 2015 Christine DiGangi A few weeks ago, the IRS said it expects to be unable to answer half of taxpayer calls this year, but that's only the beginning of what promises to be a messy tax season. In an email obtained by ABC News and confirmed by the IRS to Credit. com, IRS Commissioner John A. Koskinen delved into the unpleasant details of how budget cuts will affect IRS operations and taxpayers. In the email to IRS employees (subject line "Budget update: Tough choices"), Koskinen wrote, "this year we are looking at a situation where realistically we have no choice but to do less with less.

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Why tax planning is important for estates

On behalf of Cal Bomar of Bomar Law Firm, LLC posted in Estate Taxes on Thursday, July 30, 2015. Many people in Georgia believe that federal estate taxes are not something they need to be concerned about because they only affect the very rich. There are some instances in which a person may still be exposed to estate taxes, however. The issue more commonly occurs with single people than with married ones, as spouses have an unlimited exclusion from estate taxes on assets that pass to them. If a single person has such things as a home, significant life insurance proceeds, healthy individual retirement account balances and other assorted assets, the value of their estate may be pushed beyond the federal estate tax exemption of $5.

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Why Tax Planning Matters

Tax planning is an essential and yet often overlooked aspect of financial planning.   By engaging in tax planning, you can have more control over your financial future.   Here’s why. Tax Planning Matters for Your Income Today At this level, tax planning involves shielding as much of your income from taxes as reasonably possible while always keeping your overall financial goals in mind.   For example, you might contribute money tax free to a flexible spending account that you can use for out-of-packet medical expenses or deduct the expenses you incurred from searching for or moving for a job.

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Why tax law

Why Tax Law Should be Required of All Law Students Dan Crawford | March 8, 2011 10:30 am by Linda Beale crossposted from Ataxingmatter We tax profs have a tendency to tell our colleagues that tax law should be a mandatory topic for all law students because there’s nothing that you do that has economic consequences for which tax law isn’t relevant.   Whether you are marrying or divorcing, having a baby or buying a home, there are tax considerations that you should know about.   If you are starting a business, depositing the proceeds of a theft in a bank, embezzling or gambling, there are tax considerations that you should know about.

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Why Tax Planning is Important

Tax planning is an integral piece of a proper financial plan. The fact is many people do not concentrate on tax planning. I have seen this truth in my practice through new clients who often tell me, “My tax guy never talked to me about how to lower my tax bill through tax planning. ” Most folks handle their taxes in a reactive manner versus a proactive approach. They dump their tax documents on the tax preparer’s desk and hope for the best. This is a recipe for disaster. Understanding the impact taxes will have on your financial well-being is essential, especially for those who are self-employed.

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Letters: Why would tax cuts work this time?

To the Editor: Whether it’s managing the debt ceiling or avoiding the “fiscal cliff,” current political-economic leaders hold working class Americans hostage. I think the “children” who are endangered are today’s retirees whose future was compromised long ago. Here is why. During the turn of the last century, bankers and industrialists schemed to re-instate the federal income tax for “working” Americans. They succeeded in 1913 under the shroud of an income tax (http://www. irs. gov/pub/irs-utl/1913.

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Why tax cuts don t work

Why Irresponsible Tax Cut Doesn't Work In Global Economy? (Deepak Sarkar, 1/8/2006 ) www. kolki. com Imagine a corporation giving away its capital back to investors because the CEO doesn’t know how to invest for the betterment of the company. That CEO will be fired right away by the Board of Directors! But, unfortunately, when it comes to Public Money and Welfare, that seems to be the Conservative Politician’s theory and belief. World has created many renowned Management Institutions with mostly Public Money for the benefit of all people.   But Conservative Think Tanks try to preach two ‘Mantras’ - Tax Cuts and Interest Rates Cuts as the solution to all social problems.

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Why tax cuts are good

5 reasons why the Tea Partiers are right on taxes Here is the new Washington Consensus: American taxes must be raised dramatically to deal with exploding federal debt since spending can’t/shouldn’t be cut. Only the rubes and radicals of the Tea Party and their Contract from America movement think otherwise. And don’t worry, the economy will be just fine. Don’t believe it. While you will never hear this in the MSM, there is plenty of academic research supporting the idea that cutting taxes and spending is the ideal economic recipe for growth, jobs incomes and fiscal soundness.

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Why tax cuts

JeffryBartash University of Chicago Booth School of Business Owen Zidar says tax cuts for ordinary Americans are much better for the economy than breaks for the rich. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch)—History shows the best kind of tax cut for the U. S. economy are those that help middle-class and lower-income Americans. That’s the verdict of a new research paper by a University of Chicago economist who has studied the issue extensively. Owen Zidar says an examination of tax cuts at the state and federal level since World War II shows that job creation and economic growth are stronger when income taxes are reduced for the bottom 90% of earners.

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Why tax corporations

Wouldn't it be easier just to tax individuals? Barack Obama and John McCain have butted heads recently over whose tax plan would benefit "Joe the Plumber" and whose would benefit large corporations. John McCain has proposed cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent. Obama says he would close corporate tax loopholes but would not lower the rate. Why do we tax corporations in the first place—why not just tax the shareholders individually? Another reason to tax corporations directly is simplicity. It's a lot easier to collect taxes from a single entity than thousands of individual shareholders.

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