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States push to regulate, tax booming e-cigarette industry

(istock) WASHINGTON – While waiting for the debate on electronic cigarettes to heat up on Capitol Hill, several state and local governments are pressing ahead with their own agendas for taxing and regulating the popular battery-powered smoking alternatives. Right now, there is no uniform national approach to regulating the vapor-based e-cigarettes. They are mostly free from federal rules and typically are subject only to state sales taxes. But lawmakers in more than two dozen cash-strapped states are racing to regulate them as a new source of revenue.

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A Career in Tax

Why a Career in Tax? Tax affects everyone - how much you earn, spend and invest depends on various aspects of the tax system. Tax is part of government, business and indeed everyday life. That's why intelligent and experienced tax professionals are always highly sought after. Tax professionals enjoy a fulfilled career, filled with complex, technically challenging work, a chance to get inside the client's business and affect and implement significant business decisions, opportunities to build vast networks and opportunities to develop significant management and leadership skills.

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Why tax

Why tax matters for development In 2008 a US senate subcommittee issued a report alleging that banks located in tax havens cost US taxpayers some $100 billion a year in lost revenue. That is a considerable leakage, especially in light of US laws, institutions and other mechanisms to help control tax evasion. But if parking money offshore leaves an intolerable dent on the legitimate tax revenues of wealthy countries, just imagine the gulf it leaves in those of developing countries where the legal and institutional apparatus to stop tax evasion is far weaker.

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Why should we raise taxes

Special Report Should We Raise Taxes on the Rich? Barack Obama says that now that he has been re-elected, that means a majority of Americans agree with him that taxes should be raised on "the rich," so that they would pay their "fair share. " But that policy makes no sense from any reasoned perspective. Obama's Tax Increases, Your Unemployment On January 1, the tax increases of Obamacare become effective, and the Bush tax cuts expire, which President Obama refuses to renew for the nation's job creators, investors, and successful small businesses (the plain English translation of "the rich").

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SERIOUS QUESTION: How Are Lower Taxes Going To Fix The Jobs Problem?

A man who knew how to fix the economy. There are two main problems in the U. S. economy: There are too few jobs Most of the jobs pay too little This state of affairs has left the most important customers in the U. S. economy—the formerly financially healthy middle class—starved for spending money. As any business executive will tell you, when your customers are hurting, your business is hurting. So most companies that do business in the United States are hurting. Importantly, U. S. companies have the highest profit margins in history. So the problem is not that "corporate taxes are too high.

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Why should I file taxes?

It is the law! There are two classifications of people that the U. S. uses in regard to taxes tax residents and non-tax residents. If you have immigrated into the U. S. you may be wondering how to figure out how immigration and taxes apply to you. There are many situations in which you may be required to pay United States taxes even if you are not a U. S. citizen. Whether or not you have to file and pay taxes depends on whether the government has classified you as a tax resident or not. For example, all permanent residents, or holders of green cards, are considered to be tax residents.

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Why should i file a tax return

Should I File a Tax Return? You may ask yourself this question if. You have no income for the year (for example, a stay-at-home Mom);. or You income is at a level that you do not have to pay Tax. CRA sent you a request to file a return. You and your spouse or common-law partner elected to split pension income for 2007. You disposed of property in 2007 (e. g. you sold real estate or shares) or you realized a taxable capital gain (e,g. if a mutual fund attributed amounts to you, or you report capital gains reserve you claimed on your 2006 return).

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Why should an auditor be independent

Internal Control CPA MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS -- INTERNAL CONTROL 1. The independent auditor should acquire an understanding of a client's internal audit function to determine whether the work of internal auditors will be a factor in determining the nature, timing and extent of the independent auditor's procedures. The work performed by internal auditors might be such a factor when the work includes a) Verification of the mathematical accuracy of invoices. b) Review of administrative practices to improve efficiency and achieve management objectives.

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What Is the Self-Employment Tax and Why Am I Paying It?

Posted in Taxes As a self-employed individual or sole proprietor, you know there are many challenges associated with paying your taxes. For most workers employed by another company, the necessary federal and state taxes are deducted from their paychecks, taking the onus off of the worker to be responsible for initiating payment themselves. If you are self-employed, however, then taxes are not typically deducted from your pay for you, which means that it's your responsibility to make those payments yourself. Here’s an overview of the self-employment tax and what it includes.

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Why an Internet sales tax is such an incomprehensibly bad idea

It never fails. The only time both parties are willing to work together in Congress is when they're cooking up really bad ideas. If they've found a new way to cause trouble, reduce freedom, or generally damage the health of the nation, they work together just fine. The representative system would work so much better if our representatives weren't such schmucks. This time, the brilliant idea is taxing Internet sales. Oh, I know we've been down this road before, but this time there appears to be some traction. Before I explore why an Internet sales tax is such a bad idea for our current times, I'll quickly summarize the reasons some factions are arguing in favor of an Internet sales tax.

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